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Getting into college, landing an internship or nabbing a career-launching first job is more competitive than ever. Admissions officers, human resources directors and hiring managers have more impressive pools of candidates to choose from each year. So how do you stand out? You prepare with the pros at CAMPUS BOSS. We help with all outward-facing presentations of the best you—college essays, resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, as well as interviews. Our personalized and professional approach to fine-tuning your “brand” offers students and internship or job seekers the necessary edge they need in this ambitious world. 

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Prepare, professionalize and present your very best college application. Our writing experts will work with students to best define and communicate their unique value proposition to their target universities. Take some of the stress out of the admissions game by partnering with our team through a collaborative and confidential  process. Services include: 

  • Common App essays

  • Supplemental essays

  • Application strategy and advising

  • Resumes

  • Admissions interview prep

  • Alumni interview prep

  • Skype interview prep

  • Sports recruiting materials

  • Creative portfolio review



Get guidance by the pros as you embark on your internship search. Build an impressive resume and supporting materials to ensure your resume stands out from the competition. Learn effective communication skills and insider tips to impress Intern Coordinators.  Services include:

  • Resumes

  • Cover letters

  • Internship application strategy

  • Interview prep: in-person, phone and Skype

  • Social media profile review and branding

  • Production and reporter reel consultation



Entry-level jobs: Personalized job coaching for that post-grad critical first step. Create a powerful resume, targeted cover letter and professional social media presence that highlights your experience. Strategize how to find the best path to success and practice techniques to engage and influence Hiring Managers. 

Grad school admissions: Let us use our expertise to help you create an impactful personal statement for law school or business school or that coveted research position. We can also fine tune your resume or CV.  Services include:

  • Resumes

  • Cover letters

  • Interview prep

  • Entry-level job counseling

  • LinkedIn profiles

  • Multimedia career branding

  • Grad school personal statements